Instanbul (Turkey) 2013

City trip with Esther & Michel, Marloes & Diederik to Istanbul, Sep. 2013
IMG 0928  In taxi from Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Asia to European part of Istanbul. IMG 0947  View from hotel Klas over the city. IMG 0948  Swimming pool on the roof :-) IMG 0548  Typical busy streets in this part of Istanbul. IMG 0562a  People are always transporting stuff, everywhere. IMG 0596
IMG 0953  Need a bucket or a mop, you can buy almost anything somewhere on the street. IMG 0572  KapalıÇarşı aka grand bazaar. IMG 0961 IMG 0966 IMG 0569a  Famous turkish sweets. IMG 0971  Yeni Mosque.
IMG 0976  Inside the Yeni Mosque. IMG 0989  Yeni Mosque by sunset. IMG 0639  Galata bridge. IMG 0994  Galata bridge with many anglers. IMG 0998  Restaurants below the Galata bridge. IMG 0997  View on Galata tower.
IMG 1007  Unkapani bridge. IMG 1021  Galata tower by night. IMG 1025  Süleymaniye Mosque by night. IMG 1040  Turkish labour. IMG 1050 IMG 1070  Busy public transport (boat).
IMG 1093 IMG 1075  Hungry? IMG 1095  Arrival on Prince island, liquid ice. IMG 1099  Locals tourists? IMG 1102  Here you don't walk around, go by horse or bike. IMG 1114  Buckle we go!
IMG 1111 IMG 1119 IMG 0920 IMG 1133  Typical turkish tea. IMG 0942 IMG 0986  Bridge from Asia to Europe above the Bosphorus.
IMG 1156  Former cathedral, now museum: Haghia Sophia IMG 1158  Miss guides...with Blue Mosque in the background. IMG 1161  Entrance of Topkapi palace, built for sultan (Ottoman) Mehmet II. IMG 1170  Topkapi palace. IMG 1062 IMG 1194  Says enough...400 rooms for family and many concubine wives and their servants.
IMG 1208  Basilica Cistern (sunken palace). IMG 1213  An underground chamber capable of holding 80.000 cubic meter fresh water. IMG 1155a  Was built in the 6th century. IMG 1220  Just like in the book of Dan Brown - Inferno. IMG 1213 (2) IMG 1269
IMG 1271 IMG 1278  Time to eat! IMG 1233  Break in the Gülhane park, next to Topkapi palace. IMG 1291  Turkish coffee :-) IMG 1287  Locals, baking fish. IMG 1271 (2)  Galata tower with 66,9m tallest building in 1348.
IMG 1301  View from the Galata tower. IMG 1315  Taksim square. IMG 1318 IMG 1328 IMG 1332  Breakfast view (Marmara sea) from hotel Best Western Citadel. IMG 1347  Relaxing on Kinaliada (island).
IMG 1390  Sailing back to the crowded city. IMG 1403  Sunset over the city. IMG 1412  Diner for only 6 lira (€ 2 ,-) IMG 1421  Colored fountains with Blue Mosque in the background. IMG 1422 IMG 1428  Blue Mosque by night.
IMG 1240  Inside the large Blue Mosque. IMG 1238 IMG 1452  Süleymaniye Mosque located on third hill of Istanbul. IMG 1448  Wash your feet before entrance. IMG 1468  Hmmm, fresh fish ;-) IMG 1464
IMG 1490  Floating swimming pool in the Boshporus. IMG 1496  Colored stairs.