Dubai (UAE) 2015

Trip to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) January 2015
Palm Jumeirah seen from out of our airliner. The new (2013) Dubai airport (DWC) Crossing the Dubai Creek with abra's. City center with several souqs (bazar). Inside one of the souqs. Spices souq.
IMG 0213 Fresh coconut drink! Burj Khalifa, world's tallest building: 828m ! IMG 0272 Wauw! View from the observation deck on the 124st floor.
Height: 452m Observation deck on 452m height. Fountain show will be in this water. Fountain show next to the Dubai Mall. Fountain show. IMG 0413
View on the skyline of Sharjah, one of the other emirates. IMG 0240 IMG 0168 Visiting mosque Jumeirah Historical building. Ancient part of the Dubai wall.
Inside the luxurious Dubail Mall. Waterfall inside the mall. Beautiful  large aquarium with rays and sharks. Time for cappuccino, hmmm. Time for dune bashing with V6 Toyota Landcruiser. Bashing in the dunes of the desert.
Nice scenery ;-) Power!! IMG 0468 Camels. Nice sunset :-) Desert camp with food and entertainment.
Traditional clothing. Belly dancer in the desert camp! Kite festival on the kite beach. The famous Burj al Arab hotel, most luxurious hotel on planet earth. Sunset at Umm Suqeim beach. Burj al Arab seen from Palm Jumeirah.
Skyline of Dubai. Architectural delights. Hotel Atlanis on palm Jumeirah. IMG 0591 Flying back home over the mountains of Iran. IMG 0265